As a recent college graduate, I am looking to take advantage of opportunities that will apply my programming skills to real-world applications (preferably software engineering, full-stack web developer, or front-end/back-end developer positions).


June - August 2019

Hillsboro, OR

At-Once Manage Data Analyst @ Nike

As a more seasoned programmer with a few coding projects under my belt, I entered Nike thinking I was ready to enter the technology world. This was not neccessarily the case. Not only did I intern during a major company change but I learned how the company separates their departments (i.e. "the business" side, "the tech" side, etc.) as well as how they keep them connected (i.e. "product owner") and how project tasks are managed (i.e. Agile and storyboards). Due to this, communication between cross-functional departments was pivotal to the collection and advancement of its business needs. I learned how to work in an Agile environment, perform data aggregation, and create Tableau dashboards in order to measure KPIs.

July - August 2016

New York, NY

Development & Operations Intern @ CATCH NYC

When I interned at CATCH NYC, I had recently graduated from high school and was getting ready to go to college. It was the first time I was interning with others who were not around my same age group or field. It was also the first time I had consulted with designers, planned/strategized (from what language/libraries to what hosting provider to use), and implemented a full project independently. I collaborated with three design interns to create a landing page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (check out project here).

July - August 2014

New York, NY

Summer Web Developer @ Codesters

During the summer after my sophomore year of high school, I managed to convince Codesters CEO Gordon Smith to take me on as an intern for their online code-teaching platform. While there, I helped created new exercises using their custom Codesters Python module. I learned how to use the Django framework and added functions (i.e. double jump a sprite/character). In addition to learning how to use and add to the Codesters module in Django, I also learned how to use SkulptJS to allow users to use the Codesters module in-browser.

July - August 2013

New York, NY

Summer Analyst @ Morgan Stanley

During the summer after my freshmen year of high school, I interned as a Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley. Here, I created metrics using data collected in the Security Administration department of the firm in order to measure the effectiveness of the privileged access ticket request system.


Harlem Labs

October 2018 - Present

A free introductory computer science course targeted for minority high school students in New York

Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE)

October 2018 - Present

An organization dedicated to inspiring/cultivating Latinx leaders in STEM fields.

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